I/O Coin Game Wallet Installation

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Usagi Video Poker I/O Coin

Usagi Video Poker I/O Coin v1.0.8

Test your skills and play against the house with the free Usagi Video Poker - Jacks or Better casino game. Usagi Video Poker is a single player casino simulator game. For legal reasons you can't buy or win credits or I/O Coin. Credits are free. The wallet is used to send donations when adding credits. This version is proof that the I/O Coin Unity 3D Package works. Usagi Video Poker is also available on Android devices for free here. The Android game doesn't support the I/O Coin wallet.


For security reasons and your protection, a separate I/O Coin wallet is used by Switching Brains games. Use the instructions below to prepare your wallet for I/O Coin powered games.


The I/O Coin package for Unity 3D included in (Switching Brains) games is made available under terms to make clear that the package is offered "as-is", without warranty, and disclaiming liability for ANY damages (so that's including loss of coins) resulting from using the package or games.



I/O Coin Games wallet

I/O Coin Wallet bootstrap installation

I/O Coin Wallet synchronisation

Now start 'Usagi Video Poker.exe' and lets play!

Transaction Fees

For each transaction you pay a small fee. Paid fees are redistributed as a reward for stakers. Check https://www.iocoin.io/ for more info about fees and 'proof of stake'. At the time of writing the fees are:

Action Transaction Fee (I/O Coin)  
In game donation 0.01  


So you need some help or have some questons? No problem, please use the following Telegram channels:

I/O Coin main Telegram channel
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I/O Coin wallet support Telegram channel
Problems with your wallet? Go here. There is a great community available to help.

I/O Coin developers Telegram channel
This is also the place for questions about I/O coin games.

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